Fundraising with Fudge

While many organizations rely on the board members or committee members to hold barbecues, raffles, 50/50 draws or silent auctions to raise money, consider fundraising with fudge! This form of fundraising puts more of the onus on the kids, that will ultimately benefit in the end, to raise the money. We have a few different ways in which we can set up the program. Contact us for further details.

Read what Elaine Tinebra had to say about her fundraising experiences.

Chris is easy going and great to deal with. We have worked together to put up a few charity events where we sold his amazing fudge. I'm in fact testing ground on doing another fundraiser. The fudge is quality as is the type of service and end product packaging. I would recommend working with Chris and I would even more recommend trying his fudge! You won't be disappointed.”

Elaine Tinebra, Shop Manager/Fundraising Co-ordinator


Contact Alexander's Fudge to find out how your team can run a sweet fundraising campaign with us!